Retirement Benefits and Programs

Sibson Consulting provides sports organizations with the highest level of expertise to cope with the challenges and emerging developments related to retirement plans. We can assist your organization in the strategic design, funding and monitoring of pension, savings and related deferred-compensation plans as well as post retirement medical plans that address the unique requirements of organization staff.

In addition to our actuarial services, we provide invaluable guidance related to plan governance, investment advisory services (through our subsidiary Segal Marco Advisors), and risk management and mitigation.

Sibson has extensive experience in providing retirement solutions to sports organizations. We have insight into the specific challenges that these organizations may face, including post-career benefits, collective bargaining issues, competing audiences and public relations concerns.

Our retirement consulting areas of expertise include:

The ever-changing economy, volatile financial markets and the unique nature of the industry demand that sports organizations plan carefully and creatively to ensure that the design of their pensions and other retirement income programs will meet goals and employees' needs over the long term.

Sibson offers solutions that address the specific needs of sports league employees, such as:

  • Creative plan design to fit the needs of short-term and long-term employees
  • Plans that are portable, as many industry staff move from team to team
  • Knowledge of the conflicting agendas of the various interested parties
  • Awareness of the potential public nature of the outcomes

Sibson Consulting's asset-liability modeling (ALM) expertise is an effective tool that can assist in making sound decisions regarding plan assets and liabilities to help identify and manage emerging cash and expense levels and related volatility. Our expertise, coupled with the powerful stochastic modeling software we developed, helps us offer meaningful projections for various retirement horizons to meet the needs of shorter-term and longer-term employees.

Our SEC-registered investment solutions affiliate, Segal Marco Advisors, provides innovative, client-driven consulting advice and outsourcing solutions. Services include investment consulting, implemented investment solutions, defined contribution consulting and the Advisors Solutions Group, which serves financial services firms and institutional asset owners.

Segal Marco Advisors has extensive experience in ensuring that members of sports organizations are receiving maximum retirement benefits and rewards. We also have a specialized practice that focuses on defined contribution plans, the fastest growing segment in the retirement market.

Segal Marco Advisors provides plan administration consulting services, including advising on current administrative partners or assisting in searches for partners, such as 401(k) record keepers.

Sibson’s consultants work with league/organization management to:

  • Forecast emerging plan funding requirements or expense results
  • Identify available options and explore alternatives for plan funding
  • Evaluate assumptions and highlight changes and trends
  • Help management understand the key financial implications of the results

Benefit plan sponsors and administrators need to keep procedures up-to-date in order to comply with regulations. Our specialists assist staff in dealing with the complexities of administering the plans and addressing the specific needs of sports industry plan participants that may differ from those in a typical plan. Sibson is also knowledgeable in the new fee disclosure rules. We will help to ensure that participants understand fees, revenue sharing and other basic aspects of the plan.

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