Health and Welfare Benefits

Sibson Consulting can help your sports organization address the unique issues surrounding the health and welfare benefits of your employees.

Sibson has extensive experience in providing benefits solutions to the sports industry from disability plans for players to broader based health and welfare consulting for large sports organizations. Our consultants have expert knowledge of the dynamic nature of the industry and a long history of benefits consulting to sports organizations.

We know that providing the highest quality benefits to these groups is not simply about choosing the right provider and developing the best plan design. It also involves considering the public scrutiny of the athletes, the coaches and their families, as well as team and organization employees, during the cyclical demands of the season on and off the field.

Our areas of expertise include:

Today's tumultuous healthcare regulatory environment, the public focus on the industry and the speed with which information goes viral all require that plan sponsors plan carefully and creatively to ensure that the designs of their programs will meet their goals and staff needs over the long term.

We listen to concerns and help to draft policies that suit the particular needs of staff and their families. Sibson provides solutions to the challenges faced by sports organizations, including:

  • Short tenure of certain positions and the need to extend benefits beyond the job
  • Multiple plans to suit the needs of the various interested parties (athletes, coaches, organization staff and their families)
  • Network analysis to identify policies that can be purchased nationally or locally
  • Disability plans for players
  • Planning for post-career benefits
  • Finding common ground to simplify administration and manage costs with multiple plans covering collectively bargained and non-collectively bargained employees

Sibson is adept at designing administrative processes that address the issues particular to sports organizations. Our specialists redesign benefit plan offices, improve work processes, upgrade technology and select new partners who are proficient in their delivery and sensitive to the unique nature of the plan participants as well as other interested parties.

Sibson’s services enable plan sponsors to reduce administrative expenses, save time, improve participant services and increase organization productivity.

Benefit plan sponsors and administrators need to keep procedures up-to-date in order to comply with regulations, including new regulations relating to the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as health care reform).

Our specialists assist organizations in dealing with the newest complexities of administering the plans and addressing the needs of plan participants. Sibson works with plan counsel to craft policies and solutions thatconsider the plan participants and the rules by which these policies and solutions operate.

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