Organizational Effectiveness

The most successful and dynamic enterprises are committed to excellence in their products, operations and people practices. Sibson consultants have served as trusted partners to many universities and colleges in helping to establish aspirational visions for the future and creating dynamic and comprehensive strategies to support institutional goals and objectives. Sibson has an extensive record of success in helping universities and colleges engage in successful strategic initiatives with high impact and results.

Organizational excellence and improvement drives performance, productivity and profitability. Sibson has extensive experience in developing organizational effectiveness strategies and practices across multiple sectors in both public and private institutions (including multi-national corporations). Sibson’s deep knowledge of the linkage between human capital and organizational strategy is evident in our wide range of successful corporate engagements.

Sibson can assess your organization’s strategies, structures, performance, competencies and skills and customize a plan for building a high performing culture and enterprise. We can help you develop meaningful policies, practices, measures and strategies to remove barriers to productivity and optimal performance.

Performance and Talent Management

Fully realizing your institution's strategy requires aligning the recruitment, performance and retention of executives, faculty, administration and staff with the institution's mission, strategy and objectives. Colleges and universities are increasingly recognizing that well-designed, customized performance and talent management can facilitate this alignment and enable the institution to maximize the benefits of its compensation expenditures, as well as lay the foundation for a culture of engagement and accountability.

Performance Management Program Design, Development and Implementation

Our consultants help clients in all facets of program design, development and implementation, whether your institution is experienced with performance management or implementing a formal program for the first time:

  • Performance Strategy: Sibson's broad and deep expertise in higher education enables our consultants to quickly understand each client's culture and needs and facilitate discussions with leadership to ensure that the overall strategy for performance management is realistic, while still meeting the expectations of the institution.
  • Program Design and Development: We help clients design and develop an effective program that reflects institutional requirements for the workforce. We customize the program to suit each institution's strategy, operations and culture. We can assist in setting goals, examining pay-for-performance approaches, and developing core and managerial competencies, performance management "toolkits" (for managers to use as appropriate) and multi-source feedback approaches.
  • Implementation: Research indicates that the execution of performance management is at least as important to the program's success as its design. Our consultants provide expert guidance on effective implementation approaches and can assist in a variety of ways, including communication, training and orientation, user manuals, required forms and processes.
  • Ongoing Assistance: We provide ongoing assistance to clients as needed to help maintain or refresh the program or to assist with specific issues, such as training for goal setting and orientation.

Skill & Competency Models

The development and planned use of competency tools is essential for recruitment, growth, promotion and retention. Competency tools should reflect uniform, values-based expectations of employees, such as trust, contribution, productivity and teamwork, as well as position-based knowledge, skills and abilities.

Sibson helps higher education institutions to:

  • Identify organizational, values-based competencies expected of all employees
  • Define expectations for each of those universal competencies
  • Implement universal expectations as measurable contributions for position-based competency mapping
  • Identify core institutional strategic strengths and career families
  • Involve career family members to identify competencies at three levels of contribution:
    • Introductory or entry level
    • Full performance or mastery level
    • Expert contribution level

Workforce Metrics

Sibson offers seminars and consulting support in metrics for higher education institutions who want to understand the fundamentals of measurement, link administrative unit plans to institutional strategy and identify quality metrics for each major unit operational process and programmatic initiative.

Understanding functional measurement fundamentals requires that institutions:

  • Understand the business case for measurement
  • Develop a common language associated with measurement
  • Understand leading and lagging metrics and the value of each
  • Learn the taxonomy of measurement and what measures match best with needed reporting
  • Understand balanced scorecards and be able to adapt those to unit reporting
  • Examine institutional strategies and how to link unit plans to those strategies
  • Set outcome based, measurable targets for value-added contribution
  • Determine the metrics that will demonstrate success in terms of quality, quantity, cost, time, communication and customer satisfaction

Strategic Workforce Planning

Sibson's Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) system enables institutions to better understand future talent requirements, anticipate and address talent gaps before they have a negative organizational impact, and more effectively prioritize and implement the actions required to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

SWP is a proven approach to more effectively:

  • Identify the type of talent required by your strategy
  • Determine the number of people you need to execute your strategy
  • Identify and prioritize key talent gaps that will restrict growth and profitability
  • Identify other human capital issues that prevent you from getting the best use of your talent
  • Define HR functional strategies, priorities and service delivery models that best support strategy execution and result in greater value delivered by the function 

Organizational Effectiveness

Institutional and Divisional Strategic Planning

In order to build great organizations, it is critical to ensure your institution’s shared vision of the future is supported by a strategic plan for achieving it. A successful strategic plan informs key decisions and investments, and aligns people, processes, technologies and actions across the enterprise to enhance success and performance.

Our strategic planning process includes an in-depth organizational assessment to identify your institution’s strengths and best opportunities for improving performance and builds upon your unique competitive differentiators. Our comprehensive strategic planning process offers market analysis, emerging trends and an effective balance of risks with opportunities. Sibson will focus on your mission, vision, imperatives for success and develop effective strategies that allow your organization to excel.

Organizational Resource Management

Organizational excellence and improvement drives performance, productivity and profitability — and effectively managing these resources is vital to the success of the organization. Sibson can assess your organization’s strategies, competencies and skills and develop a plan for effective resource management. Our plan can help you develop new policies, practices, measures and strategies to help you leverage technology, gain economies of scale in your operations and streamline functions and processes. The result is improved organizational effectiveness, efficiency and performance aligned to your culture, mission and values.

Shared Services Design and Implementation

We work with higher education institutions to develop comprehensive approaches for creating shared services functions. These initiatives focus on:

  • Gaining efficiencies
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving service quality across business and HR functions

Culture Assessment and Transformation

Most major change efforts fail due to a lack of focus on effective change management and culture challenges. Sibson provides extensive expertise in successfully managing cultural and people issues throughout all phases of transition and change, building support and buy-in, and ensuring sustainable change.

We have organized and led several cultural improvement initiatives, including great-place-to-work initiatives focused on strategic recruitment and retention of key talent. Our efforts have resulted in:

  • Improved recruitment and retention
  • Enhanced faculty and staff engagement
  • Higher productivity
  • Formal recognition as employers of choice

HR Effectiveness

Higher education currently faces a variety of challenges: competition for talent, changing expectations of the work force, pressure on funding sources and changing expectations of students and parents. Human Resources professionals seek Sibson’s assistance for challenges including:

  • How do we partner with our institutional colleagues to help them achieve their objectives?
  • Is the HR organization structured to provide optimal support and service to the institution?
  • What are the skills and competencies required by HR staff to realize the institution's strategy?
  • How can HR use technology/outsourcing to help us work smarter, faster and more cost-efficiently?
  • How can we contribute to the accreditation process, specifically in responding to the institutional assessment standards? 

Sibson helps clients position the Human Resources function so that it can add significant value through:

  • Strategic Review: Evaluate the overall alignment of the HR organization with the broad competitive strategy of the institution; provide recommendations for enhancements and implementation services.
  • Operational Review: Assess the effectiveness of HR's structure, staff, service offerings and administrative offerings; provide recommendations for enhancements and implementation services. 

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