Health and Welfare Benefits

Demand for high quality, value and efficiency in health care delivery has never been greater among higher education institutions, as they strive to maintain attractive health benefit packages while managing their bottom lines.

Our consulting team includes experienced actuaries, insurance experts, claims auditors, managed care experts and client managers who are committed to helping higher education institutions address their unique health benefits challenges. 

Vendor ManagementPlan Design & ManagementIndividual Health Management
  • Competitive bidding
  • Contract negotiation
  • Vendor performance audits
  • Plan design
  • Plan cost modeling/actuarial services
  • Funding strategies
  • Reserve adequacy
  • Contribution strategies
  • Coverage rules and protocols
  • Wellness and prevention programs
  • Disease management programs
  • Catastrophic claimant programs

Healthy Campus™

If your institution is like most, your health care costs are increasing by double digits and your health care expenditures will double in the next five to eight years. Additionally, faculty and staff faced with health risks and chronic illness are less present and productive, which can result in lost productivity, lower levels of engagement in their work and increased costs to the institution.


As health care expenditures continue to rise and other initiatives fail to effectively manage these costs, institutions are being forced to make tough decisions about cutting programs and staff and faculty positions, or limiting academic initiatives. As a result, many higher education institutions now recognize that an investment in the health of their workforce is an investment in the economic and academic health of their institution.

What is a Healthy Campus Initiative?

A Healthy Campus Initiative creates a healthy environment for faculty, staff, students and dependents. That healthy environment reduces workforce costs and enables them to engage in their work and life more completely. It assists them with issues that may distract or prevent them from being engaged in their work because of health, personal (e.g., dependent, legal, financial, family) or work-related (e.g., inadequate tools and resources) issues. Greater engagement leads to improved retention, productivity, creativity and innovation in support of educational excellence, innovative research and effective community service.

Sibson has developed the Healthy Campus model to help higher education institutions create a healthy work environment for faculty, staff, students and dependents. Specifically, a healthy campus:

  • Keeps healthy people healthy
  • Helps unhealthy people change their behavior to be healthier
  • Supports people who have more serious health issues
  • Enables people to be more productive and satisfied in their work and life

What can a Healthy Campus Initiative do for your institution?

Ultimately, a Healthy Campus Initiative will help your institution:

  • Better manage its health care and absence-related costs
  • Enhance the productivity of its faculty and staff
  • Improve the affiliation its facility and staff have with the institution, which can result in reduced turnover

While many campuses currently invest in various programs that can support a healthy campus initiative, these programs often go unnoticed and/or are underused because faculty and staff don’t know about them, don’t know how the programs interrelate or don’t know where to focus. Many institutions make it even more difficult and confusing for faculty and staff because the programs aren’t optimally designed, delivered and communicated. Our experience shows that various offerings must be orchestrated and focused on behavior change in order to optimize an institution’s return on the investment made in providing those programs.

Several published research studies demonstrate a return on investment in excess of 300% when a health improvement program is designed and implemented appropriately, with a reduction in health- and absence-related costs in excess of 25% for programs that have been in place longer than three years. Sibson’s Healthy Campus Survey has also found a relationship between certain practices and strategies and reduced health costs.

How do you begin a Healthy Campus Initiative?

Sibson consultants recommend the following process for creating a Healthy Campus:


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