Sales Strategy Development

undefinedA sales force is only as effective as its ability to support the strategy of the company. However, as companies grow, many have problems converting strategic priorities into a sales strategy and action plan that the organization understands and can use to produce profitable growth.

Sibson can help companies do the following:

  • Understand the market: Develop deeper insights into how your marketing strategy and product/service offering translate into potential sales to your current and future customers
  • Focus on the tactical: Develop an actionable business strategy and a sales strategy that communicates tactical market priorities to each sales resource
  • Focus on the right customers: Create clear plans for retaining revenue, penetrating current customer markets that have the potential for higher profit and growth, and acquiring new prospects with the right offering for each target market
  • Segment the customer base: Field level market segmentation and targeting must be matched with a complete offering and a compelling sales message

Your Sales Organization's Direction

What are the objectives of your organization and what is your strategy to achieve them?

Sibson works with organizations to provide insight into overall sales and customer objectives based on the needs of the market, the organization's current capabilities and capacity, and the desired direction of the organization. We also review sales strategies and help define the sales process that will be needed to meet these organizational objectives. This involves a two-step process:

Step 1: Sales Strategy Assessment and Definition. We assess how well your organization identifies and organizes around opportunities that exist within their defined accounts and sales channels. We review the types of revenue that you generate, provide insights into optimal sales channel and job role coverage, and assess clarity around potential opportunities.

Step 2: Understand and Clarify Future Sales Objectives. We work with leaders to develop a holistic understanding of sales objectives and expectations for reasonable potential in the market and by sales channel. This step enables us to understand how much growth the organization expects and from which product lines and market segments.

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