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Key Industry Data Highlights

Please take a look (click survey title) at a few of our industry surveys we conduct with our clients, forum members, and conference attendees. Our surveys identify key sales operational topics of interest in today’s marketplace and address how management expects to respond and address their sales efforts to meet the needs of the business. 

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What’s Really Behind Sales Rep Turnover? The Answers May Surprise You

A survey by Sibson Consulting quantifies the levels of turnover among sales reps, identifies its causes and determines key factors in recruiting. Our findings reveal that:

  • Although most sales organizations think 0 – 15% turnover is optimal, the majority experienced up to twice that much churn in the previous year. For some, turnover exceeded 50%.
  • A large majority of reps leave because they feel undercompensated, but most managers say departing reps lacked the appropriate skills, competencies and abilities to merit higher pay.
  • While social media plays only a minor role in recruiting experienced sales reps, more than a third of our respondents reported it’s now the preferred method for recruiting for entry-level reps.

“Improving Sales Representatives Staffing and Retention” reports on and analyzes the current state of sales rep turnover – what’s happening, what’s causing it and what you can do to improve your numbers.

Take a Deep Dive into Today’s Best Practices in Sales Compensation

A new presentation by Sibson Consulting reports on sales compensation best practices based on our proprietary data, client experience, forums and roundtables and third-party input. Topics include:

  •   Top strategies for growth,
  •   The rapidly changing workforce,
  •   Headcount changes,
  •   Incentive design challenges,
  •   Target pay levels,
  •   Compensation and noncash payouts,
  •   Recruiting,
  •   The base pay/incentive mix,
  •   Incentive measures and weights,
  •   The hierarchy of performance measures,
  •   Quota setting and allocation,
  •   Quarterly vs. annual acceleration plans,
  •   And more.

This comprehensive data-driven update “Sales Compensation Best Practices — Where are Companies Heading? Trends and Issues for 2016 and Beyond” concludes with Sibson’s exclusive “Sales Compensation Report Card,” which allows you to grade your company’s effectiveness, cash in on your strengths and identify your best opportunities to improve.

What Drives Quota-Setting Effectiveness in the High-Tech Industry?

A survey of the high-tech industry by Sibson Consulting includes new statistics on the fine art of quota setting. Our report provides exclusive data on:

  •   Average quotas, by company revenue,
  •   The percentage of the sales force that achieved six distinct quota levels,
  •   The percentage of sales reps expected to exceed target,
  •   The trend away from top-down quota-setting,
  •   Ongoing challenges getting sales and finance on the same page,
  •   The percentage of companies that assess their quotas monthly, quarterly or annually,
  •   The length of time it takes sales to get quotas to the field, and
  •   Which process type drives quota-setting effectiveness.

“High Tech Industry Quota Setting: Practices and Trends,” provides the data you need to fine-tune your quota-setting process.

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