Base Pay Delivery

Base pay guidelines provide a reference point for implementing and administering a pay-for-performance architecture and making pay decisions related to common employment actions (e.g., managing pay within a structure, merit increases, promotions, in-grade advancements, market adjustments, skilled-based versus competency-based pay and alternative pay rewards).

Common issues our clients face:

  • Our new hires are receiving starting salaries similar to salaries of employees who have been with our company and in the same position for more than over 10 years. How do we deal with this salary compression issue?
  • A manager in one department will give an employee an "exceeds expectations" performance rating, but a manager in another department will give an employee with similar responsibilities and performance a "meets expectations" performance rating. How do we ensure that our managers are being consistent in their ratings of employees?

Sibson helps clients address these issues through:

  • Creating pay guidelines and instructions: Sibson provides human resources departments with instructions on how to work with division and department leaders to review salary band assignments of jobs, evaluate the appropriateness of current salaries for individuals and determine the magnitude of potential salary adjustments. Sibson also provides guidance to human resources in developing an approach for phasing in salary adjustments, if necessary.
  • Assisting in on-going compensation program maintenance: Sibson helps organizations with the on-going maintenance, assessment and communication of their compensation programs. We provide guidance on management of compensation budgets, merit increase and performance calibration processes, and program audits, and we assist in the development of communication and evaluation tools to efficiently manage programs.
  • Developing orientation and implementation materials: Sibson works with organizations to develop and map out an implementation plan (e.g., work steps, roles and responsibilities and timeframes) to roll out compensation program changes. Additionally, Sibson provides materials to introduce compensation program changes to the organization. The audience for these materials may include, but is not limited to, leadership, management, and exempt and non-exempt line employees. Sibson also helps to train human resources staff to deliver orientation materials and other key messages about the new program.

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