Communications Services

We offer strategic and tactical advice, education, marketing, training and research on virtually every benefits, human resources and organizational communications topic, including:

Our Communications Services

  • Communications assessments
  • Employee research (management interviews, surveys, focus groups and test marketing)
  • HR/benefits communications strategy development and implementation
  • HR/benefits branding
  • Vision and values programs
  • Recruiting and retention communications 
  • Plan introductions and plan changes
  • Retirement communications: defined benefit and defined contribution programs
  • Annual enrollment campaigns
  • Health and welfare programs, including behavioral economics
  • Compensation programs: executive compensation, salary administration, incentive pay programs, deferred compensation and performance management programs
  • Paid time-off programs
  • Work/life programs
  • Personalized total rewards statements
  • Introduction and promotion of new service center outsourcing
  • Compliance communications: summary plan descriptions, policy handbooks, summary of material modifications and legislative changes

Personalized statements can take many forms and can include a full range of benefits and employment information. Many employers start with one style and add new elements over time. This allows costs to stay low while building increasingly comprehensive communications tools. Some examples include:

  • Total Rewards: Illustrates all components of the Employee Value Proposition (compensation, career, benefits, affiliation and work content)
  • Retirement Planning: Illustrates savings projections and pay replacement at retirement from various sources
  • Total Compensation: Illustrates direct and indirect pay programs
  • Pension: Illustrates accrued and projected pension benefits
  • Health & Welfare: Illustrates current benefits coverage and highlights special wellness programs
  • Enrollment Forms/Confirmation Statements: Illustrates current benefits coverage and enrollment options
  • Executive Portfolio: Illustrates direct pay, short-term incentive plans and other perquisites and how stock price impacts rewards
  • Reductions in workforce and early retirement windows, including communications to those who remain in the workforce
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Transition communications
  • New organization communication strategy development
  • Executive coaching and consulting
  • Leadership performance and rewards
  • Website strategy, design and architecture
  • Content development
  • Site usability testing and improvement recommendations
  • Graphic design
  • Print and fulfillment management
  • Video, podcast, CD and DVD production 

Samples of Our Work

We partner with private sector organizations to create effective communications that promote the value of benefit programs.

View case studies of our client work.

Click on samples to see larger images:

Sample of Communications Work-1  Sample of Communications Work-2

Creative Solutions

Every plan faces benefits challenges. If any of the following sound familiar, let us put our unique experience and expertise to work for you.

  • You're about to announce higher medical coverage cost-sharing and/or a reduction in benefits.
  • You want to move employees away from an entitlement mentality toward one of self-service and empowerment.
  • You want to help employees make informed annual enrollment elections.
  • You want (need) your employees to be better health care consumers.
  • You want your employees to embrace your wellness initiatives.
  • Your SPDs are out-of-date and/or out of compliance.
  • You want to enhance employees' perception, understanding and appreciation of your benefits plans.
  • Your credibility is being eroded.
  • Your employees don't know the difference between a brand-name and a generic prescription drug.
  • You've got low FSA participation.
  • Your LTD benefits are going from plan-paid to employee-paid.
  • You communicate but no one's listening.
  • You're rolling out a brand-new plan or program.
  • You want to boost 401(k) participation and/or contribution levels.
  • You want to educate your employees about how important it is to systematically save and invest for retirement, and how your plan can help them achieve their goals.
  • You're switching from a traditional defined benefit pension plan to a cash balance plan (or vice versa).
  • You need less job-related stress in your life!

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