Walking on Eggshells: Effective Management of Internal Pay Equity

Headline news about claims of pay disparity based on gender or race can shatter irreparably a hard-earned trusting employer-employee relationship, deeply tarnish a hospital and health system’s image and adversely impact their community. Federal and State legislation in the past 10 years (e. g. Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, OFCCP's Directive 307, 47 states with equal pay legislation, etc. ) have emboldened employees to initiate and pursue such claims.

In this webinar that was presented on 11/15/2018 to AHHRANY and ASHHRA Region 2 members, Sibson experts shared how hospitals and health systems can proactively organize their compensation program's design, administration, and on-going analytics to successfully avoid unintended pay disparities and to be ready to swiftly address outside challenges to their internal pay equity.

This session discussed the concept of internal pay equity as well as the consequences of failed internal pay equity management, and it shared best practices to analyze pay data pro-actively, manage internal pay equity, and address identified disparities.



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