Conceptual Model for Wellness: Taking a Holistic View

A funny thing happened on the way to developing an actuarial model for wellness. As we began to realize how vast the data, resources and model itself would have to be to capture the stages of health in a computational model, our conceptual model unfolded before us. Sibson's conceptual model for wellness allows for a better understanding of the major factors that contribute to one's health along their working lifetime.

While the actuarial outcomes are still what we expect over a lifetime, an intricate web of interdependencies exists between all of the factors, interventions and disease states. Taking certain steps in addressing any of those factors by changing the employee's behavior in a positive way creates a chain reaction along the individual's progression that improves their health and delays or reduces the negative long-term (actuarial) outcome.

In this webinar, Sibson experts:

  • Demonstrate how wellness should not be viewed as an off-the-shelf program but rather as a philosophy and a strategy that maximizes employees' well-being
  • Visualize a more holistic view of a culture of wellness in each organization to support a more happy and healthy workforce
  • Discuss how a diverse workforce often requires diverse sets of initiatives to maximize participation in wellness activities
  • Illustrate how all of the factors throughout the Progression of Health timeline have an influence on outcomes such as health claims, mortality, disability, productivity and absence

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