Second Quarter 2018: Key Health Care News

Sibson’s Second Quarter 2018 Trends report highlights key areas employers need to know.

You’ll learn about strategies plan sponsors are using to manage their health plans, including:

  • The use of “pay-to-shop” approaches to non-emergency procedures,
  • Point-of-sale rebate arrangements to allow employers to share rebates for eligible drugs with members, and
  • Discovering the root causes for high-cost claimants, who represent 31 percent of total spending.

You’ll also learn about:

  • A Continuing Resolution that delays or suspends several Affordable Care Act taxes that directly affect employer-sponsored plans,
  • The New Tax law that overhauls the Internal Revenue Code,
  • The timeline for the removal of Social Security numbers from Medicare ID cards, and
  • Updates to Sibson’s ACA Dollar Amounts and Percentages Chart.


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