Listed below is a selection of articles written by Sibson experts that have appeared in outside publications.

Is Your M&A Playbook Ready for the Next Deal?

Fall 2019, CEO Connection Magazine

In an interview in the new issue of CEO Connection Magazine, Sibson's M&A leaders Dan Fries and Fred Hencke pull back the curtain on what it takes to evaluate a merger or acquisition opportunity and what is needed to make it a success.

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Other Articles

Effective Onboarding Needs More Than HR's Efforts
By Dan Fries, July 2019, Forbes

How To Make Your Private Company Executive Comp Plans More Effective
By Dan Fries, July 2019, Chief Executive

Leveraging HR’s Key Role for the Success of Organizational Initiatives
By Dan Fries, January 2019, Chief Executive


Organizing Leadership and Job Roles with a New Rule
By Moshe Mayefsky, September 2016, workspan

The Compensation Handbook
Contains chapters by Jim Kochanski, Myrna Hellerman and Yelena Stiles, June 2015, McGraw Hill Education

Less Art, More Science Make for Better Pay Levels
By Joseph DiMisa, April 2015, workspan

A Place for Paid Time Off in Higher Education
By Norman Jacobson and Christopher Goldsmith with Louis A. Padula, November 2014, HR Horizons

Applying Behavioral Economics to Pay for Performance
By Carol L. Mercer, James Kochanski and Christopher Goldsmith, October 2014, Compensation Focus

6 Private Company Pay Models
By Myrna Hellerman and Yelena Stiles, June 2014, Compensation Focus

Six Pitfalls To Avoid When Designing an Incentive Pay Plan
By Jason Adwin and Emma Browning, March 2014, workspan

It Pays to Clearly Communicate Compensation
By Kathy Anttila and Jim Kochanski, February 2014, Compensation Focus


Selecting HR Metrics That Matter In Today's Business Environment
By Dan Fries, December 2018, Forbes

Step Up Your HR Communications Game: What the Latest Technologies Can Do for You
By Kathy Anttila, Fall 2017, The Higher Education Workplace


Building a Better Process for Target-Date Fund Selection
By Timothy R. Barron and Stewart D. Lawrence, February 2016, Benefits Magazine

Five DC Plan Risks You Want to Avoid
By Kelly Jones, November 2014, HR Horizons

Why Every Retirement Committee Needs a Charter
By Rich DeFrehn and John Graham, September 2014, workspan


Are You Paying a Huge Price for the Opioid Drug Abuse Epidemic
By Sadhna Paralkar, M.D., and Eileen Flick, August 2016, Benefits Magazine

Private Health Insurance Exchanges: The Latest Evolution in the Health Care Marketplace
By Matthew Kersting and Michael Eck, October 2015, Bloomberg BNA

Considering a Private Exchange? What You Need to Know Before You Decide to Switch
By Nancy Duta and Matthew Kersting, September 2015, The Private Exchange Blog

Choosing a Private Exchange Is Not a Decision to be Taken Lightly
By Chris Calvert and Matthew A. Kersting, April 2014, The Private Exchange Blog

Final Rules Give Employers Some Breathing Room To Determine Who Is A Full-Time Worker For Mandate Purposes, Expert Says
By Kathryn L. Bakich, April 2014, Issue No. 561, Report No. 559, Employee Benefits Management

Human Capital Management

High-Potentials: A Company's Future Success
By Angelita Becom and Jason Adwin, June 2015, workspan

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