Segal Company

Job Structure and Evaluation System

Sibson helps companies with the following:

Developing or revising the job description process: Sibson helps organizations either develop a new job description framework or revise an existing one to accurately reflect a position's primary job responsibilities and the necessary skills, experience and competencies needed for an individual to perform the basic duties and functions of his or her position.

Revising titling guidelines and conventions: Having a consistent set of definitions and titling conventions for common job titles makes it easier for employers to make comparisons against similar jobs in the marketplace. It also aligns titles across the organization and establishes a clear progression in determining reporting relationships. Job titles may be broad or specific in nature depending upon an organization's business, its operating strategy and its desire for an internal vs. external focus.

Developing criteria for key job levels/families: A clear grouping of jobs, in which the work performed is of similar nature, is necessary from both an internal and external perspective. Externally, job families ensure that appropriate comparison markets are identified, that an organization's pay position is responsive to market pressures and that roles and titles are reflective of market practices, which facilitates the recruitment and retention of qualified staff. Internally, identifying roles that perform similar work across all areas of the organization helps ensure consistency of pay and titling for these positions and clarifies career opportunities for staff.

Common issues our clients face:

  • Our organization has evolved to the point where almost every individual has a unique title. How do we fix this problem?
  • The employees within our communications area are having a difficult time understanding the skills needed to move from one level to the next. Can you help us develop criteria for each of the levels?