Organization & Talent

The Organization and Talent practice helps clients execute their business strategy, increase their organizational effectiveness and performance, and ensure the right human capabilities. We use a collaborative, yet analytic, approach to develop and implement solutions in a way that creates impact. Our service areas include:

Organization Effectiveness

Talent Management

  • Strategic Workforce Planning
    Sibson's Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) solution is a highly effective and business-based approach. It provides business leaders with the insights and information they need to ensure they have the right number, type and quality of talent needed to execute their business strategy.
  • Employee Value Proposition
    Sibson can help your organization adopt a more strategic, comprehensive and integrated approach to total rewards that includes both financial and non-financial rewards.
  • Talent Standards, Development and Succession 
    Organizations need the right talent in order to be effective, and finding the right talent requires a set of integrated talent management standards and processes.
  • Retention Management
    An organization's ability to retain its key employees is a critical competitive advantage in today's economy.
  • Effective Performance Management  
    Sibson can help your organization align performance with institutional strategy, enhance skills and encourage development, send a message about what your organization values and increase attraction and engagement of high performers.
  • Succession Management
    Sibson helps organizations develop and implement holistic and versatile succession management programs that identify and prepare talent for key positions.

Special Focus Areas

Talent Calibration

Cross-manager calibration of talent assessment, development planning, succession and rewards is a proven way of improving the effectiveness of talent management processes and outcomes. Sibson helps its clients design and execute talent calibration processes.

Career Frameworks 

A career framework is a set of guidelines that shows employees how they can move between jobs within the organization, while ensuring that their career development aligns with the current business needs of the organization. It allows employees to take ownership of their career development and creates open communication about strengths and opportunities for improvement.