Winter 2008 Report of Results from the Healthy Campus Survey


For colleges and universities, strategically coordinated healthy campus programs can pay off with significant return on investment (ROI), making a strong case for the investment as a smart use of often tight budget dollars. Given the ROI potential of campus health initiatives, Sibson Consulting invited colleges and universities across the country to participate in a Healthy Campus Survey. The survey captured information about current practices. It also examined the relationship between them and outcomes, such as faculty and staff turnover and vacancy rates, absence rates, health care costs and use of short-term disability benefits.

The results of the Healthy Campus Survey, which reflect 52 institutions in 30 states, should enable institutions to gain a better understanding of the following:

  • The kinds of healthy campus programs in which institutions are currently investing,
  • The outcomes institutions might strive to achieve, and
  • The strategies that may help institutions achieve better ROI on their healthy campus programs.

The Healthy Campus Survey provides an overview of the prevalence for the following practices among the surveyed institutions: health strategy, communications, wellness and disease management.

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