March 22, 2018

Waltham, MA

New England Employee Benefits Council

"Employee Benefits Boot Camp" — Laura Cochran, Washington, DC Elana Carbone, New York

April 9, 2018

Washington, DC

Conference of Consulting Actuaries Enrolled Actuaries Meeting

"GASB Updates" — Rocky Joyner, Atlanta

"Discount Rate Setting in a Low Interest Rate Environment" — Rocky Joyner, Atlanta

"Talking Risk" — David Dean, Chicago

"Multiemployer Pension Reform Act Partitions, Suspensions, Guidance, and Applicant's Experience" — Eli Greenblum, Washington, DC

"Dialogue With and Update From the PBGC for Multiemployer Plans" — Eli Greenblum, Washington, DC

"ASB Standards for Pension Actuaries" — Tammy Dixon, Washington, DC

"Funding in the New World" — Jason Russell, Washington, DC 

"Rehabilitation Plan Upkeep and Maintenance" — Jason Russell, Washington, DC

"New Risk ASOP" — Kathleen Riley, Boston

"Market Value Liability Reporting" — Paul Angelo, San Francisco

"Multiemployer Workshop" — Diane Gleave, New York 

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