About Us

Who We Are

Sibson Consulting (a member of The Segal Group) specializes in HR and benefits consulting for corporations and non-profits. Sibson's services include benefits, compensation, talent and performance management, communications, sales force effectiveness and change management.

We deliver integrated services, strategies and solutions

Sibson offers the most comprehensive set of human capital consulting services available today. Working with organizations in many industries gives us the ability to provide insight to our clients across a broad spectrum of human resource and employee benefit issues.

In addition to serving this broad client base, we have made a commitment to a number of industry segments where our knowledge of and expertise in the environments in which our clients compete make us a key partner for those clients.

We understand:

  • The pressures of increasing benefits costs and shrinking profit margins
  • The demand to hire the best employees and the struggle to keep them
  • The requirement to meet financial performance goals and exceed shareholders' or board of directors' expectations

Our collaborative consulting approach, combined with our objectivity, provide unique insights into your strategic objectives. We supply customized, strategy-to-implementation solutions aligned with your organization's goals, rather than answers simply tied to products or pre-packaged solutions. Our approach helps create lasting partnerships built on mutual trust, allowing us to enjoy client relationships that can be measured not just in months or years but in decades.

Our client offerings span five key practice areas:

Practice Area Offering


  • Optimize the return on investment in health and welfare benefits
  • Create design strategies that balance cost effectiveness and health promotion
  • Implement and execute plan strategies
  • Conduct actuarial analysis


  • Optimize the return on investment in retirement benefits
  • Manage financial risk
  • Comply with complex regulatory and accounting requirements
  • Improve administrative effectiveness

Organization and Talent

  • Build talent capability through development and succession
  • Design effective organizations and jobs
  • Predict and fill future Human Capital needs

Performance and Rewards

  • Optimize the return on investment in rewards
  • Create compensation plans with impact
  • Develop and implement the measures that matter most
  • Effectively manage performance

Sales Effectiveness

  • Achieve and surpass growth and profitability objectives
  • Effectively segment and target opportunities
  • Improve sales force productivity

We understand that your organization is unique

Each organization is different. Although you and your competitors function in the same market, your strategic direction, your operating model, your processes, your culture and the underlying employee value proposition, your balance sheet and your total employee rewards strategies and tactics are unique.

And although every organization is different, the questions surrounding employee benefits, compensation and other workforce related issues are often similar and are always important to the financial success and growth of your organization:

  • What can I do to keep my employees motivated and productive?
  • How can I make the most of my workforce and get the best return on investment in my people while achieving my strategic business goals?
  • How will I answer to both the bottom line of the business as well as the ever-changing needs of my employees?

The questions are difficult, and finding the right answers is often the difference between mere survival and genuine success.

What our clients say about us

"...brings the industry knowledge that our leadership requires in making decisions."
"...always collaborative and never tries to sell me the ‘flavor of the month'."
"...completely in tune with our culture and functions like an extension of us."
"...the team is very proactive and out in front on important issues."